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Green Building solutions

Low carbon footprint building construction with key focus on water and energy conservation and renewable energy. Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) or Initial Environmental examination (IEE) reports for new, ongoing and completed projects. Ecosafe Pakistan has huge experience in urban development sector and housing schemes especially High-rise buildings in the field of EIA, Green building designs, waste management, Geo-technical investigations, Fire safety solutions, municipal wastewater treatment setup, waste management for urban schemes etc.

Asset Integrity

Asset integrity surveys, preventive measures to avoid sudden asset failures, useful life prediction, environmental impact etc. We are expert of providing EHS services, helping you achieve economic and social sustainability. We understand the importance of quality scientific data in enabling informed decision making. Whatever your concern is, Ecosafe Pakistan has the capability to help you optimize your business, meet regulatory obligations and mitigate against risks relating to health and safety and environmental impact.

Facility Management

: We provide 360 degree facility management, including maintenance, operations, and cost optimization. Cities have never been so important to human development. With urban growth having reached an historic tipping point – for the first time more than half the world’s population is city-based – the need for comprehensive urban planning, effective management of municipal services and finances, alleviation of poverty, and environmental protection is greater than ever before.

Renewable Energy Solutions

We provide renewable energy solutions to urban areas as well as rural areas of Pakistan. Our main focus is on solar systems (both storage and grid feedback), and Biogas. We help people to adopt sustainable, reliable and environment friendly solutions of energy. It’s one of many renewable energy resources that can be produced with no carbon emissions making it a viable solution to the climate change crisis. Solar power and Biogas are sustainable and good for the planet.

Wastewater treatment solutions

We have expertise of installing Wastewater Treatment Plants by selecting technologies that are most efficient and cost effective. We specially engage in sewage and industrial wastewater treatments, which include, but not limited to, design, construction, operation and management of treatment facilities. Our main areas of treatment are industrial units and municipal wastewater treatment facilities.

Water conservation

We apply practical water conservation measures such as providing shower timers, flush reducers and other devices to bring down bills. Our advisors help people to reduce their water consumption, saving money and taking the strain off our most important natural resource. We work with individuals, local & international organizations as well as governments to ensure water conservation at several stages.

River and Pond water improvement

Biochemical water treatment to flourish natural flora and fauna on water bodies and improving water quality to support the environment. We deal in Channel and pipe hydraulics, Water supply system and distribution analysis, Sewerage system collection and disposal analysis, Stormwater drainage system collection and disposal analysis, Sewage treatment plants, Reverse osmosis plants and Hydrological studies.

Air Quality monitoring

Air emission testing remains necessary while performing any study related to air pollution and to find out prevention techniques. Our Air Quality team partners are recognized leaders in conducting Ambient monitoring, Stack (Testing and Performance) Analysis and Fugitive Measurements. We have expertise for providing Industrial Solutions including Industrial Air Emissions and Effluent Testing, Emissions and Acoustic Pollution Abatement in Industries, Indoor Air Quality.

Up-cycled Products

Procurement and provision of up-cycled furniture, household and industrial construction materials etc. As well as buying and selling recyclable materials, we help you every step of the way by also providing a variety of new and used recycling equipment and machinery. We can help you to choose the right recycling machinery that will help your company reduce its waste and recycling spend. A wide range of used machines are always available to suit all applications and budgets

EV (Electric vehicle) charging

We have been working with electric vehicle charging systems from the beginning, so we’ve got an in-depth understanding of the market and the available technology. As consultants, our team work independently of any manufacturer and are free to recommend the system that best suits your needs and your budget. We have the widest range of products available to clients and hold preferred installation partner status with many manufacturers